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The main health issues Lisa will be treating

Weight Loss For Health

As a Registered Nurse and an Occupational health Nurse having worked in hospitals, clinics and corporate health, Lisa has witnessed how being clinically obese or uncomfortably overweight can seriously impact a patient’s health in so many ways. It can put major stress on the body, which can increase your risk of diseases and health issues, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, a lowered immunity which is your personal defence system, joint issues, neurological disorders such as dementia, alzheimers and certain cancers to name a few. Therefore, leaving obesity uncontrolled can lead to serious health risks. It can also have a negative impact on your sleep and energy levels, adding a new set of problems.

However, on the flip side, when a patient has lost the extra weight through healthy means, it leads to extraordinary health benefits. The results are often remarkable and reversible. But it is important that it's a lifestyle change so that you don't fall back into past unhealthy habits.

Scientific research shows that over 90% of traditional diets are unsuccessful.

This is because traditional diets only focus on the habit of action, rather than the habit of thought. The thought comes before the action, and trying to change a life-long behaviour consciously, by using your ‘willpower’ does not work long-term. Your thoughts and your feelings control your actions and therefore control what you do. Don’t try and change the action first, look at the thought that keeps the action going. If you have a habit or behaviour that you want to change, it is best to do this through your subconscious mind. It has to be a lifestyle change and our mindset is the first change required to make it happen on a more permanent basis.

Paying attention to your thoughts and your emotions that drive your decisions and your actions, is crucial to achieving your health goals.

You have two minds. The subconscious and conscious. They are very different. Research tells us that our mind is made up of 95% subconscious and only 5% conscious mind. As you can see your subconscious mind greatly dominates. Therefore, knowing that your subconscious mind carries your habits, addictions, and your past limiting beliefs, to name a few, makes it even more essential to create new, more mature, up-to-date beliefs and habits into your subconscious mind that is going to transform and redirect your thought patterns for the outcome that you want.

In 2016, more than 1.9 billion adults were overweight. Of these, 650 million were obese (WHO, 2016). This is such an overwhelming portion of the world’s population dealing with weight issues and food addictions.

In 2019, 38 million children under the age of 5 were overweight or obese (WHO, 2019).

Scientific research states that Dementia cases will triple globally by 2050. Obesity being a key risk factor. (Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington)

Working on the root cause of 'why' you have a weight issue is an essential step to take for your success. To improve your relationship with food and exercise, and to understand why you are making certain unhealthy choices is important for you to know to successfully move forward. Don't waste your time living in your past limiting beliefs. It's very important to live a quality, fulfilling life, so that you can achieve your goals and dreams, that you felt were previously out of reach.

An important point to make here is that eating too much of the wrong foods and moving your body too little, is not the root cause of your obesity or weight issue, as is often suggested. The root cause is 'why' you are eating too much of the wrong foods or not exercising enough. It will nearly always stem from past limiting beliefs and a self sabotaging thinking pattern that has developed overtime in your subconscious mind.

Many people are emotional eaters and this cannot be satisfied with food. If you are eating to mask negative emotional feelings, then no amount of food is going to help you. It will just increase your weight and this may affect your health in the longterm. Emotional and physical hunger are totally different. We will work together on the root cause first. Once this is done, we can work on installing the good stuff, for a positive, healthier future.

The food on your plate won’t change until you have changed what’s going on in your mind.


Sleep Health

Sleep is the body’s natural healer.

Without adequate sleep and rest you cannot function properly. It is important to make lifestyle choices that promote wellbeing through prioritising sleep. We spend about one third of our lives sleeping, and this is because our body needs to restore our energy and heal while we sleep, to remain healthy and alert in our waking hours. Your sleeping environment should promote a space for relaxation, with a cool room temperature if possible, or a temperature that makes you feel comfortable to sleep. Darkness is another essential element to promote the right environment for sleep.

Melatonin is a hormone that the Pineal gland in the brain produces in response to darkness, and natural levels of melatonin in the blood are highest at night. High levels can help you fall asleep. It helps with the timing of the circadian rhythm, which is our 24hr clock, and with sleep. Being exposed to light at night can block melatonin production. Melatonin lets you know when it’s time to sleep, wake, and eat. It regulates your body temperature, Blood Pressure and some hormone levels. Melatonin also has other roles in the body beyond sleep. So the production of this wonderful chemical is beneficial for keeping you well.

Scientific Research tells us that poor sleep affects about 50-70 million Americans, and The Australian College of Physician’s (RACP) stated “inadequate sleep is experienced by between 33-45% of Australian adults”.

There can be many different reasons why people do not have good quality sleep, or find it difficult to get to sleep in the first place. Besides medical conditions, Some are lifestyle choices, where we choose alternatives to sleep, higher than sleep itself. But, whatever the reason, inadequate sleep affects our whole being. Your health suffers tremendously over time, and can be the cause of developing serious illness. To name a few, it can cause impaired judgement and mental functioning, deplete your energy, lower your immune system response and decrease productivity and performance.

It is hard to catch up on the debt accumulated from lack of sleep.

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Stress & Anxiety

Stress is when your brain and body are out of balance and homeostasis.

The brain is constantly under pressure, with little time to rest. Unfortunately, many people don’t spend enough time in healthy brain waves that can help to restore balance and function. Therefore, life isn’t as it should be, or the way you want it to be, so your purpose in life becomes blocked. There becomes no energy in your inner world for growth and repair.

Medical research tells us that stress is responsible for up to 90% of all disease, and fear being the primary cause of stress. Stress and anxiety can undermine your health, destroy your dreams and impede your own personal power. The good news is, there are so many ways to free yourself from stress and improve your mind and emotional health system.

Living in stress can affect your memory and brain processing, therefore your clarity of thought is reduced. Stress can reduce your energy level, weaken your immune system, affect your heart health and can cause gastrointestinal problems. Even fertility can be affected by longterm stress. The list for negative health issues is lengthy, therefore, knowing how to control stress is vital.

Lisa will take you through the many internal and external forces that can help to alleviate your stress. Knowing why, what to do and how to recognise your stress levels is an important part to managing it.

Knowing how important you are in this world, with all its possibilities, is a wonderful start towards a manageable and balanced all round personal healthcare system.

Chronic Pain

Take control of your pain and minimise its affects on your life..

As a Registered Nurse, Lisa has seen first hand what the detrimental affects suffering from chronic pain can have on a person’s health and life. It can be debilitating to your quality of life, and therefore a full, happy life is often not achieved. Pain can interfere with self-esteem, confidence, happiness and induce anxiety and emotional distress. Not a pleasant experience for any human being. Lisa will always educate and give you the necessary knowledge to help you to understand the process.

The goal is always to improve your quality of life so that you can live more happily and less predictably.

Pain is a general term that describes uncomfortable sensations in the body. It stems from activation of the nervous system. Pain lets us know when something is wrong, then we can act on it. There are various types of pain ranging from acute pain which develops over a short period of time. It tends to occur as a result of an injury, illness or medical procedure. Chronic pain, is often more long term and can come and go, and can result from various health conditions. Some people experience chronic pain when there’s no evidence of underlying injury or illness, known as functional pain.

The ‘National Health Interview Survey’ found that in 2019, about 1 in 5 adults in the US suffered from chronic pain. Chronic pain can substantially limit daily activities and reduce quality of life.

The treatment of pain depends on the underlying cause. Lisa may liaise with your GP or Specialist regarding what treatment you have had, and currently prescribed, if any. Treatment will be natural and personalised, as one size does not fit all, and works effortlessly along side conventional medicine. Your mind, emotions and your energy system will be the main focus of the treatment.

This is because your thoughts and emotions affect your physical health by neurologically sending messages from your brain to your body. So if you wake up in the morning expecting the pain to be there, because that's your regular thinking pattern, then you have already set that pathway, and this message will go to the rest of your body and will never let you down! Interrupting this pathway is the key to reducing your pain. Changing your thoughts and emotional system and your thinking is essential for your success.

There are many natural evidence based therapeutics that can change your perception of pain and your reaction to it. You can then live your life more fully and increase your quality of life. Installing self-love and worthiness is important because you need to change your energy system too. Food is your body's medicine therefore, eating the correct nutrition is essential for growth and repair of new cells.

My method of care is similar to prescribing medicine. Your holistic prescription will focus on your mind health, emotional health, physical health and your energy system.

Unexplained(Idiopathic)Infertility & Secondary Infertility

"Make the next chapter of your life a new beginning"

Unexplained Infertility is diagnosed when a couple have been unsuccessfully trying to conceive for 12 mths or more. As well as the inability to fall pregnant, other diagnosis have been ruled out and all other physical explanations. More than 10% of couples trying to conceive are diagnosed with unexplained infertility.

Secondary Infertility is the inability to conceive or carry a pregnancy to full term after previously giving birth.

Lisa’s clinical experience as a Registered Nurse has seen her help women who have suffered from unexplained infertility within conventional medicine. Knowing what she knows now, the mind can play a huge part in helping women to conceive, who have no clinical diagnosis stopping them from falling pregnant. Our mind and how we think affects our physical health. Every thought you think creates a chemical reaction in the brain and has an emotion associated to it. If we have negative thoughts from possible previous birth trauma or past issues around having a baby etc this information can store in the subconscious mind and therefore affect an outcome when we want it most.

Just to explain a little ...
We have two minds. Conscious and subconscious. Scientific research tells us that 95% of our mind is the subconscious mind, with only 5% conscious. This means that our subconscious mind that holds our memories, habits, addictions, past limiting beliefs, is very dominant in our thought processes. This is why we have blocks in moving forward and achieving what we want in our health and life. We don't know about it, so we don't update it. The familiar subconscious mind is always at the forefront of our thoughts. Together we will change this to install a better thought and emotional system.

Science tells us that every thought you think creates a physical reaction in the body. Therefore, altering the way you think and feel about conceiving, pregnancy and giving birth, can have an affect on what happens. The subconscious mind is very powerful, so to work on the mind and your thinking system, and emotional health, is a good start towards getting your mind and body to work in synchronicity with one another. Hypnosis is one way to achieve this. Working on your energy centres would also benefit the process. Where focus goes, energy flows. Self-Love and loving who you are, is an important process to changing your thoughts and emotional status.

If you don’t start out on the journey, you won’t reach the goal. If you do and continue to walk towards it, you will.

Increase your energy, mental strength & personal power

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