Stress & Anxiety

The brain is constantly under pressure, with little time to rest. With mental illness, stress and anxiety at an all time high in today’s world, it is essential to know how to manage it … 

The arousal of the stress hormone cortisol, in particular, is released when the the mind becomes stressed and anxious about an event or with life in general. The mind controls your bodily functions, therefore regular thinking in stress mode may eventually cause ill health.

At times, stress is helpful as it releases chemicals for the fight and flight response that boosts energy and attention. Unfortunately though, many people don’t spend enough time in healthy brain waves that can help to restore balance and function. Therefore, life isn’t as it should be, or the way you want it to be, you feel unable to cope, so your purpose becomes blocked. 

Living in stress can affect your memory and brain processing. Your body uses a lot of energy when you are stressed and this energy depletes your immune system from the energy it requires to keep you well and free from disease. Stress affects your heart health and can cause gastrointestinal problems. Even fertility can be affected by stress. The list for negative health issues is lengthy, therefore, knowing how to control stress is vital.


Medical research tells us that stress is responsible for over 90% of all illness and disease. ‘Fear’ being one of the primary causes of stress.

 Longterm stress and anxiety can undermine your health, destroy your dreams and impede your own personal power.  The good news is, there are so many ways to free yourself from stress and improve your mind and emotional health system. 

You ‘do’ have control over your stress and fear. 

Knowing what to do and how to recognise your stress and anxiety levels is an important part to managing it. Lisa will give you the knowledge, tools and resources to help you to apply techniques and to make different choices that are highly effective for everyone. Then you will have the energy to heal and repair. 

Lisa will take you through the many internal environmental forces that can help you to alleviate your stress. You will learn to disconnect from the outside environment, ground and find your balance and connect to yourself. You will learn to be conscious of your thinking patterns and the emotions attached to your thoughts that will support your internal system. 

There are quick and ‘on the spot’ relaxation techniques that you can learn, that are highly effective for everyone. Your brain will automatically release neurotransmitters, the feel good chemicals that will reduce your mind and body stress. The parasympathetic nervous system moves you into a relaxed state, releasing those wonderful chemicals, allowing the natural wave of healing to occur. 

Knowing how important you are in this world with all its possibilities, is a wonderful start towards a manageable and balanced all round personal healthcare system. 


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