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What’s involved in your sessions

Mind and Body Health

Your mind is your powerhouse. A focused mind is where all your power lies.

Your mind is your strongest element for recovery and wellness. Every thought you think neurologically creates a chemical reaction in the brain, and your thoughts have emotions and energy associated with them. This is why it is important to observe and pay attention to your thoughts, how you feel and your actions, because through awareness and being alert to your thoughts, you can modify them for a better outcome in your life. Your mind and body are connected in a way that they can have a powerful effect on each other, if one or the other is out of balance. Your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitude can positively or negatively affect your biological functioning, meaning that your mind can affect how healthy your body is. And vice versa, your body can have an impact on the health of your mind and mental state.

What you eat, and to understand that food is your body's lifetime medicine (healthy brain equals a healthier mind), hydration level, with over 60% of your body being water, your fitness levels, your thoughts and emotions, your energy system and how you communicate with yourself, can impact the mind positively or negatively. There is an incredible relationship between your body and mind. This is why it is important to look after the health of both.

Knowledge and awareness changes your outlook, perception and understanding, and this helps your mind to make informed decisions and choices. Neurologically the brain changes creating new connections and pathways. Lisa will discuss with you your past medical history, current general health and your desired future health. She will provide you with the knowledge and skills to support your success about how to become more conscious of your thinking pattern and how you can improve it, so that your new beliefs will be in line with your reality and what you want to achieve in your life. And most importantly, to be able to communicate more accurately with yourself.

Meditation and Clinical Hypnosis

Meditation: means ‘to become familiar with’ and is a focused attention that relaxes the nervous system, improves your immunity health and helps to disconnect from your outer world, so that you can put your focus purely on yourself and your inner world. Meditation is a wonderful way to naturally move beyond your familiar state of thinking patterns and limiting beliefs, to a place of self-discovery. You will be in a space to manage your inner world and begin self-healing. This meditation will create a state of wholeness and self-love from within.

Clinical hypnosis: Hypnosis is an evidence-based, highly focused and natural state of attention. Tapping into your subconscious mind, you will be taken into the most beautiful, deep relaxation to effortlessly install your new data for a healthier future. Its intention goes beyond relaxation, observing your inner thought patterns that can teach you greater stress tolerance and emotional balance. This removes the pressure of outside influences, allowing you to examine what really brings you joy, happiness and meaning to your life. Hypnosis allows the nervous system to relax, restoring new energy and health and boosting the immune system. This may include transforming any past limiting beliefs and old patterns of reactivity that have held you back, to a more resourceful, up-to-date, mature thinking pattern that will empower you for your present and future life. Hypnosis allows you to harness the power of your mind to change and upgrade the way you think, feel and act.

To normalise this for you, we are all in hypnosis at least twice a day. When you drift into sleep, and when you begin to wake up in the morning. We all go through theta brainwaves to wake up and to fall asleep, and many other times during the day when you are day dreaming. It’s a natural process, good for your health, and a part of who you are.

You will be given a personal guided audio after your session to listen to each night before you drift off to sleep. The subconscious mind works continuously even while you sleep, and you can easily and naturally access your subconscious mind through deep relaxation. The mind learns by repetition, so by repeating an action and a thought over and over, a neural pathway is created in the brain. Learning creates new connections in the brain, and this becomes a memory. Everyday, if your emotions are conditioned to your future desires, the body begins to change biologically. Therefore, this is an essential part of the program.

Breath Work

Breath is life!

Breath work oxygenates the body and balances the brain waves. Effective breathing helps with mental clarity, restorative sleep, digest food more efficiently, improves and activates your body’s immune response, relax the nervous system and reduce stress and anxiety. It can help to reduce your heart rate and help towards lowering your blood pressure. The benefits are limitless. Just by slowing your breath you bring your body and mind back into balance. Slowing and deepening your breath reduces anxiety, and helps you to let go of stress and think more rationally. Your brainwaves are brought back into balance from a panic and stress mode to a calmer state of mind.

Oxytocin, is a wonderful feel good chemical that is released by the brain when you breathe slowly and deeply. When you are connected to your breath you begin to feel a deeper connection to yourself and this initiates the process of self-love. It is a personal transformation.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

 Co-created by Dr Richard Bandler, with whom Lisa trained, NLP is a psychological approach that models how people think. It is the study of successful strategies. It is the study of people who succeed in their field and have successful internal behaviours of thought patterns that produce that success. It has an impact on how we react to an event or experience, and it can therefore be taken from one person to teach another person how to do it. NLP can be utilised by almost anyone. There is a deep connection between our neurological processes (neuro), language (linguistic) and behavioural patterns learned through experience (programming). It is looking at the process by which people make changes, and looking at the neurological configurations, the linguistic structures that are hardwired in the mind and knowing how people learn. People react differently to situations depending on how they think and feel about an experience or event. Some people for example will become stressed and nervous and may lose their train of thought before public speaking, or an exam and others will be confident and sail through the process. And the difference is, the latter has a clear goal and intention in their mind and proceeds with determination. 

 Mind movies are a great visualisation resource to help you achieve your goals with a clear intention and a mental and emotional rehearsal of your desired outcome, giving you the opportunity to take the steps necessary for your future success. Therefore, like a computer, people can learn to reprogram their subconscious mind to be able to do things that they may not have previously been able to do. .

Visualisation and Awareness

Visualisation is another method Lisa will use to help reprogram the mind. As Neuroscience tells us, your brain operates from images and pictures and this gives rise to feelings and emotions. These feelings are effects of cellular biochemical reactions and pathways running in your body. Your mind absorbs the feelings from your thoughts, giving you the inner confidence to bring them to life. You are giving your body a taste of the future before it has happened, and if you keep doing this enough times, that feeling will become very familiar to you. You will be able to feel the emotion of your future reality of the changed person you want to become. By visualising clearly and precisely what you want, you can work confidently towards your future goal. Visualisation is a powerful technique for change.

Inner Healing

Inner healing is about giving to yourself the ‘self love’ and worthiness that you deserve. Many people do not know how to love themselves and to feel worthy of having and achieving the best health possible. This inner healing can help to heal emotional past wounds that may have caused limiting beliefs in adult life. This is a beautiful and personal technique that will bring your emotional health up-to-date to your present reality and you can then focus on a healthy future.


Gratitude is an important self-healing. Do you often reflect on what’s good about your life? That ‘love for life’ and the feeling of joy, happiness and appreciation is connected to your life force energy. The moment you feel grateful and thankful, you are creating new energy that will generate new thoughts and feelings. It is important to live your life creating what you want and not waiting for things to happen. When you know what you want in your life and have that clear vision of the future reality that you desire, you can visualise it and take the steps to move towards it emotionally. Lisa will help you to appreciate and feel worthy of who you are, in a way that changes your energy and thinking system. To enjoy your life, to have a future that you really want and to visualise that future emotionally, is the first step to getting closer to it. Neurologically, the brain changes, when you change.

Internal Vision Meditation & Self-Healing

Healing energy is abundant and limitless within you. Lisa will help to support and balance a healthy energy system throughout your mind and body with either energy healing and/or internal vision healing meditation. It is important to focus on your energy centres (Chakras) to increase energy flow, because the more energy you let flow, the healthier you are. A blocked or partially blocked energy centre can result in imbalance, and therefore may lead to illness over time. This therapy will allow your mind and emotional system to deeply relax. You will be tapping into a hidden inner resource that will create new possibilities and create a level of self-love, which is important to remain healthy. This is excellent for boosting the immune system and every cell in your body. We are all interconnected energetically.

The aim for learning Self-healing is to be able to maintain, upgrade and become aware of your own energy system. This energy healing is beneficial for anyone who suffers from any medical illness or disease, or who wants to simply boost their health level. This valuable visualisation technique takes you into a deep relaxation and includes "travelling through the body". Breath exercises are used to relax your body and mind. You use your internal power of visual awareness to scan your own internal body to give the area energy and love. Lisa will teach you how to do this valuable self-care technique. There is so much power within you to discover and this technique is truly transformational. Where focus goes, energy flows..

The Power of Music

The Power of Music is used during your breath work, energy healing, meditation and clinical hypnosis sessions, to stimulate and trigger alpha or theta brainwaves. Music is used to reduce your stress levels and help you to feel calm and relaxed. Music takes you to another level. The brain can induce positive feelings with the right beats.

Self-Hypnosis Technique

This will be available for anyone who wants to create calm and focus in their life whenever they need it. Self-hypnosis helps you to naturally fill your mind with positive suggestive thoughts about any area of your life that you want to change. This can help greatly with avoiding negative thinking patterns and creating extraordinary positive thoughts in the here and now. Self-hypnosis for example can be used to build self confidence, such as for exams, interviews, public speaking and performance etc. You emotionally feel and visualise yourself confident and successful, with a positive outcome before it has happened. The passion of your thoughts begin to create an elevated emotion and you become inspired, this changes your brain activity neurologically and chemically. What you focus on, you move towards. Your subconscious mind has a much stronger effect over your experiences, your behaviour, and your body than you might realise.

Self-hypnosis can be used in any area of your life where you need to change your thinking and feelings for a successful outcome. This is an excellent internal resource system for anyone.

Reiki Energy Medicine

For In person and remote appointments.

As a qualified and experienced Reiki energy practitioner, Lisa will work on your energy system to balance and slow down those busy brainwaves. Many people in todays world spend too much time in high beta brainwave such as being in regular stress and fear mode, which can drain the brain of energy, deplete our immune response and negatively affect our health.

The nourishment of Energy Medicine will slow down your brainwaves and release those natural healing chemicals, creating space and energy for health, vitality and clarity of thought. It will also help to improve the immune system. A healthy immune system is essential to keep you balanced and well and allows us to live and thrive. It's your personal defence system.

Together, you will go through any mind, emotional and physical issues that may be of concern to you.

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