Weight Loss For Health

This method will get you into the right mindset for change and transformation …

 As a Registered Nurse and an Occupational Health Nurse in hospitals, clinics and corporate health, Lisa has witnessed how being clinically obese can seriously impact on a patient’s health in so many ways. It can put major stress on the body, which can increase your risk of health issues such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, a lowered immunity, joint issues, neurological disorders such as dementia and certain cancers. 


Unfortunately, obesity can lower the blood flow to the brain and as our weight increases the size and function of our brain decreases.(Daniel G. Amen, MD)  This also applies to children. Therefore, leaving obesity uncontrolled can lead to serious health risks. It can also have a negative impact on fertility due to the changing hormones, your sleep and energy levels, therefore adding a new set of problems. 


However, on the flip side, Lisa has witnessed when a patient has become healthier, it leads to extremely welcome benefits. The results are often remarkable. But it’s important that it is a lifestyle change, so that you do not fall back into any past unhealthy habits. Maintaining health is often the hardest part of change and this is why it is essential to first correct and bring awareness to any limiting subconscious programmes that we have. Without acknowledging the programmed mind, nothing will change for long before we gradually fall back into unwanted habits and addictions.    


In 2016, more than 1.9 billion adults were overweight. Of these, 650 million were obese (WHO, 2016). 
In 2019, 38 million children under the age of 5 were overweight or obese (WHO, 2019)

This method of natural health is not about dieting but about a ‘way of life’ to bring your health back into balance and harmony to the way nature intended. Your diet is your nourishment. It is not about eating less, but about eating wisely and putting thought into it. It is important to reduce internal inflammation that poor food choices cause. This method will induce self-love and the worthiness of knowing that you deserve the best health possible by readjusting the mindset for better self-care. Food must always be your lifelong medicine to bring out the best in you mentally, emotionally and physically. You will find that your mood and energy levels will improve. 


Unfortunately, the fast food industry do an amazing job to very successfully entice people into buying their food through repetitive advertising, using large pictures in bold, appetising colour schemes so that you will want to eat it. This triggers the brain and mind into a hypnotic state. Often, fast food isn’t healthy food that the body needs. It is often made up with chemicals that work against the natural body system. Long term this may cause dis-ease within the body. The mind learns by repetition, hence repetitive advertising on TV, online, billboards, buses, cabs, radio..everywhere you look! Watching TV ads in the evening when the mind is naturally in a lower and calmer brainwave can be a hypnotic and very suggestible for the mind. The ads will soak in like a sponge. This works on the mind in a very clever way. Unfortunately, It can be financially driven, at your health’s expense. 


 Scientific research shows that over 90% of traditional diets are unsuccessful.


This is because traditional diets only focus on the habit of action, rather than the habit of thought. The power of thought comes before the action, and trying to change a lifelong behaviour consciously, by just using your ‘willpower’, is difficult to achieve. Your thoughts and your feelings control your actions and therefore control what you do. Every thought you think has an emotion associated to it, so don’t try and change the action first, look at the thought process that keeps the action going. If you have a habit or behaviour that you want to change, it is far better to do this through your subconscious mind. It has to be a lifestyle change and our mind is the first change required to make it happen on a more permanent basis.


Let’s explain: Research tells us that our mind is made up of 95% subconscious and only 5% conscious mind. As you can see, your subconscious mind greatly dominates. Therefore, knowing that your subconscious mind stores your habits, addictions, memories and beliefs, to name a few, and many from childhood, makes it even more essential to create new, up-to-date, more mature beliefs and habits. Once these are stored in your subconscious mind, they will transform and redirect your thought patterns for the health outcome that you want. This has an effect on your neurological and biological processes. 


You want your subconscious programmes to match your wishes and desires for the life that you really want. If you find it difficult or struggle to change an unhealthy food habit that you have maintained for many years, this is because your subconscious mind doesn’t support that programme. This is often due to being unaware that you are living in past limiting programme.


Therefore, to reprogramme your mind with new habits and behaviours, that you do want and need, is one way to achieve lasting change. 


Lisa will work with you in different ways; consciously, subconsciously and energetically. It is a natural process, good for your health, and a part of who you are. 


Scientific research states that Dementia cases will triple globally by 2050. Obesity being a key risk factor. (Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington)
A study in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) in 2018 found that every 10% increase in the consumption of ultra-processed foods correlates to a 12% increase in the risk of cancer.

Working on the root cause of why you have a weight issue is an essential step to take for your success. To improve your relationship with food and exercise, and to understand why you are making certain unhealthy choices is important for you to know in order to successfully move forward. Don’t waste your time living in your past limiting beliefs, as it’s very important to live a quality, fulfilling life, so that you can achieve the goals and dreams that you felt were previously out of reach. 

Knowledge is freedom and powerful, because it helps you to make better decisions and wiser choices. If you could look inside your body and see the effects certain foods inflict on it, I can assure you that you wouldn’t eat them again. They can contribute to many possible life threatening diseases.  


Healthy Brain=Healthy Mind=A Healthier Life

Food is your body’s lifetime medicine. The correct nutritional balance is essential to heal and protect your body and boost your immune system. When you feed your body with processed foods, chemicals, preservatives and additives, your immune system is lowered and compromised. Every cell in your body is affected. Your food can either promote wellness or dis-ease. 


Hydration is so crucial for many reasons. Keeping your body hydrated means drinking enough water each day to remain healthy. Remaining hydrated helps the body to regulate body temperature (this is why we become more thirsty in hot weather) keeps your joints lubricated, helps to prevent infection, delivers nutrients to every cell in your body, and keeps your organs functioning properly. The body is made up of about 60-70% water, so it makes sense to remain hydrated and on top of your water intake. 


Exercise or increased movement is a wonderful way to do an activity that you enjoy and get fit at the same time. Even if you currently dread the thought of exercising, we will together upgrade this thinking pattern, and move you forward to that vision of how you want to be. Exercise in whatever form you enjoy because it’s an important part of your body and mind health.


 Inactivity is associated with so many diseases that can cause premature death, that we should not make it an option. 


 Many people are emotional eaters, but your emotions cannot be satisfied with food. If you are eating to mask negative emotional feelings, then no amount of food is going to help you. It will just increase your weight and this may affect your health in the long term. Emotional and physical hunger are totally different. We will work together on the root cause first. Once this is done, we can work on installing the good stuff, for a happier, healthier you!


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