Group Of Elementary School Pupils Sitting On Floor In Classroom

Interesting facts about the subconscious mind of young children

Scientific research has found that in the first seven years of life, including the third trimester of pregnancy, your child’s mind is operating primarily in a hypnotic trance, in theta brainwave. Whatever the child experiences and observes, is directly downloaded into their subconscious mind. This download then starts to form their beliefs which can control their character and personality. Children are very imaginative and creative and love to dress up and role-play into their favourite characters, and go into their own little world. This world is very hypnotic. What is downloaded from their environment into their mind from their parents, carers, siblings, relatives, teachers etc at this crucial time in their young life, is critical to their mental and emotional development and their future beliefs. This can have a huge impact on how they go about their adult life. (Scientific Research by cell biologist, Bruce H. Lipton, PhD)


Conscious parenting is essential to the emotional health of your children. 

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