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Scientific Research

Scientific Research, using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scans to measure and reveal the physical makeup and neural activity of our thoughts and feelings in the brain, have shown in many studies that the neurology in your brain alters with every thought you think, whether it is negative or positive thinking. You can improve your emotions and mood by improving your thoughts, and It is already known that our brain can affect our health in many ways. Now scientists in the field of epigenetics, believe that our thoughts and subconscious mind can affect our DNA. Even quantum mechanics supports this, showing that our experiences are deeply connected to the inner workings of our mind.


Connecting Consciousness: In the 1990’s Japanese researcher and author Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered something groundbreaking about water that perplexes scientists to this day. Dr. Emoto would label Petri dishes of water with positive and negative words and emotions. Some labelled ‘love’ and others, ‘hate’. Emoto proved that when water was labelled with positive intentions and then frozen, the water droplets form perfect hexagonal shapes and sacred geometry, and the frozen water that was labelled negatively would be blurry and unsymmetrical.  Conclusion: Our thoughts and emotions can change the molecular structure of water. Our bodies are about 70% water!

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